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Reviews – Villa Sungai

We have just had a magnificent and wondrous 7 days at villa Sungai, We have never been at peace as much as in the 7 days in your villa. Made and his team were brilliant. I have worked and dined in some of the best establishments in the world and their level of hospitality and professionalism is certainly up there with the best. We were made to feel part of the family and part of the community. We cannot wait to return to this wonderful space to chill out and drop out.

Giovanni Paradiso [Fratelli Paradiso and 10 William Street Bar, Sydney, 3A, 2CH (5, 9yrs)]

We are here, safe and sound, and we are in absolute awe of Villa Sungai! I just wanted to drop you a line to say firstly thanks again for all your assistance in the very rushed lead up, and secondly I have never seen a property as spectacular as Villa Sungai in my life. It is absolutely stunning. The attention to detail demonstrated in this property is second to none – even every little detail of the styling is amazing. Absolutely beautiful. We couldn’t be happier or more grateful. Many thanks again,

Kate Cotter [Melbourne, 5A 1CH (3yrs)]

This is what I am going to send to TripAdvisor: Villa Sungai is the travel destination that only seems to exist in your dreams. From the moment you step into the immaculate villa, it’s as if all your worries and needs have been taken off your shoulders and there is nothing left but pure relaxation and enjoyment. There are many villa options available these days, but as a seasoned traveller and someone who has experienced many lovely villa locations before, Villa Sungai truly stands out above the rest. It is not just the stunning surroundings, it is the service, and the small details that show that all your needs truly have been considered before you arrive. ………….

Brianna Vidal [Sydney, 4A, 2 babies (12, 15mths)]

Wow! What a wonderful time we all had in Sungai! We had very high expectations and all was above all family members’ expectations! Great villa, very good food, excellent massages, very nice location…. The most important, what a great team! The service was outstanding! From A to Z…. Maintenance team, cook, service, driver/guide, massage…. Special tks to you MADE and your team! Tks a lot also for the gift, very nice and will remain THE souvenir of our first visit in Bali! Hope to see you soon,

Philippe Bourdages [Singapore, 2A 2CH (18, 11yrs)]

We are still reeling from our incredible stay at Villa Sungai, thank you so much. Your team is incredible, and the villas are totally magical. Thank you so much for your generosity, and I hope you saw the Instagram shots I popped up during our stay? Made was so helpful and generous, we totally adored him. We had a wonderful trip to the local market, and he recommended a beautiful place in Ubud to eat – while also making our days at Villa Sungai so easy and fun. Your place is beautiful – how do you ever leave? Thank you so much – I’m so glad we’ve discovered Villa Sungai as we’ll certainly be back next time we’re in Bali. Thank you

Kate Gibbs (Sydney, 2A)

Villa Sungai – how I miss you. I miss waking up to the peaceful sounds of the jungle, to the roosters happily singing, and to the trees begging me to arise. I miss my morning swim, stretching out my body in the beautiful infinity pool overlooking the river and jungle. I miss the amazing food, the freshness of the ingredients, the effortless service and the feeling of ‘home’. I miss the care of the staff, to ensure your needs are met, but that nothing feels like an effort. I miss the amazing fittings, bedding, products and minor details, everything is luxury. I miss the spa treatments, the feeling of relaxation, and the feeling of bliss. I miss the local people – who always say hello and welcome you into their world. Villa Sungai is the closest that anyone can get to paradise.

Lauren Moulds (Adelaide, 4A)