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Reviews – Dining

We visited Villa Sungai with our parents (both sets) and our 8 month old baby. The villa is so beautiful (Just see our pictures!) and the service was impeccable! A big thank you to Pamela who helped with all the pre-arrangements and to Made and the other staff who were very attentive and accommodating. My family members are huge foodies and we made it a point to visit a few famous restaurants in Bali, but none of them are as good as the Villa. Everything from the ambience which includes pre-loaded music and poolside dining, to the super accommodating chefs who prepared a sumptuous feast for my very discerning parents and also yummy pureed food for baby… it was perfect! We definitely recommend this Villa to all those who desire a relaxing and peaceful vacation. Our only gripe was that our stay was too short! On hindsight, we should have skipped the sightseeing and just relaxed in the villa.

Natalie NG (Singapore, 6A, 1CH 8mths)

Thank you all!!!!!!! It was a wonderful experience!!! We fell in love with Made, his team and hisfamily as I know everyone does … we can’t believe how incredible the food was!!!!! And are missing the flavours of lemongrass, kaffir leaves etc. etc. … hmmm maybe we’re just missing
your signature cocktail!!!! And the villa is so beautiful … thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! Xxx

Sally Sickles [Hong Kong, 2A, 3CH (6, 4, 2yrs)]

I have been sitting here trying to think what I could say about our time at Villa Sungai. I am struggling as it is really a unique and wonderful experience.  I think the best way to sum it up is that you will leave the place with very fond memories of Cepaka and the people there, the staff at the Villa, the wonderful service and the wonderful food. I am not going to single out any staff member as they all are one team and they behave and operate like that.  We stayed there about 12 nights (I think)  – I actually have no idea whether it was 10 or 14 – so I have gone for 12 nights (in between ) – that is what it is like – you just sort of arrive and then it all happens around you and then it is time to leave…(unfortunately). I am struggling to think of any minor areas where I can provide you with some ideas on improvement. I like the” bill each day concept “– sign it off – no issues at the end of the stay. Got the Aussie Rules footy on the TV and my team won- so all good there….Good internet accessThanks for the recipes – we jokingly mentioned the night we returned home to Australia  that we wished we had  brought the Villa Recipes back with us  – a couple of nights later they turned up unexpectedly in the mail at home – so thanks for that.  I am really missing my Balinese massage by the way (Tracey does not seem to get the message…) I think you undersell the food a bit – we went to Sardine, Sarong, Mamasan, La Luciola all good, but interesting the 20-23 year old clan with us commented we should have had more dinners at the villa!!!!  Tracey and I agree – the food at the villa was best out of all of those. Next time we will only head out for lunches and a couple of nights. I think you undersell the outdoor bathrooms – unique. I think the wine you provide is first rate compared with what we saw/experienced at restaurants etc. I want to spend a bit more time in the village next time and see if there is anything we can do to help out with areas like the school – I think that is a really important for Cepaka and other villages around. I hope Made is feeling better.I will remind Tracey to send off some photos of our time in the village at the wedding. Keep us up to date with the English School. We need to find a wife for Putu – but I think he may have that all sorted anyway …. in the next 3  months  so the Cepaka  “rumour mill” is saying….that is what Tracey reckons  and Cam and Bronte do too … Thanks for a wonderful time and we look forward to our next visit

Rob Molyneux (Melbourne, 2A, 3CH)

Firstly your team at Sungai is to be congratulated for their welcome and attention during our stay. They made our stay very relaxing and it was hard to leave. Made particularly was very helpful with all the information he was able to provide about places to visit. He was quick to realise we wanted to see the “real” Bali and took us there himself or directed one of the other boys to take us. Both Trevor and I feel we would not have enjoyed these excursions without his/their company. As for the food – all we can say is “WOW”. What a star you have in your kitchen! Rarely does a property exceed expectations. We look at the photos on the internet and think “what is it really going to be like?”  Being a cynic about advertising photos, I was blown away when we arrived. All I can say Pamela is congratulations! You have created a wonderful retreat.

Kerrie Brown (Bundanoon NSW, 2A)

I just wanted to say a very big thank you. We stayed in Sungai Gold for Liz Johns and Campbell Harris Wedding. We were both blown away by the villas and the service. Made and is team were out of this world, words can’t describe how well they treated us. We have never experienced anything like it before (and don’t think we will). All of the staff were just amazing and made us feel so welcomed and our every need (and we had a few) were met and with the highest standard. The food at the villa was 5 star and we didn’t want to leave for a meal. It made our trip – we can’t thank you and the staff enough and hope to be able to come back again one day soon!

Kate Mcgregor (Sydney, 2A)

Wow. What a magical experience. Villa Sungai GOLD was beyond reproach. The service impeccable, the food by far the best in Bali in my experience, the attention to detail, second to none and the entire experience truly wonderful. This place is unique. I haven’t experienced anything quite like it in all my years of travelling from 5 star to 5 star resort. Cannot wait to head back to be made to feel like a princess again….

Georgina McMaster (Sydney, 2A)