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Bali Luxury Villas host blogger retreat and pop up dinner

Some of the top Australian photographers and bloggers come to explore our Bali Luxury Villas and host the very first Bali blogger retreat and eat read love pop up dinner. If you follow us on social media you will have seen reports of the Bloggers Retreat that was held across both villas: Sungai and Sungai Gold (Sungai Platinum Residence) in late August. 

Our Bali Luxury Villa played host to an extraordinarily talented group from the Sydney area. Their websites and social media links make for intriguing reading!

The blogger retreat at our Bali luxury Villas culminated in a fabulous eat read love pop up dinner. Natalie Hayllar is a master of these, hosting in various locations including Sydney’s Hotel Centennial. Natalie is also the Sydney host for Kinfolk Magazine events, so we were thrilled that she chose the SUNGAIs for her inaugural international pop up event. Lisa Madigan and Natalie Hayllar created magic in the SUNGAI ‘great room’ for the event.

Videographers David Child and Katrina Parker stayed on after the Pop Up Dinner to shoot some video footage for the villas that should be on our website shortly. We can’t wait to see it as their work is amongst the best!

Villa Sungai is the perfect place for an intimate dinner with friends, and also one of the most perfect wedding and honeymoon villas you will find in Bali. We hope to share more from the Bali pop up dinner soon to inspire your very own special event at Villa Sungai.  Stay tuned to the Villa Sungai blog for all of the photos and stories from the Blogger Retreat coming very soon.

Photo by Photography by Nadean