Best. Holiday. Ever! Villa Sungai, Bali.

Dear Pamela & Made,

Pamela, my apologies for the delay in responding to your email, but the trip has impacted me at a number of levels and I have taken a little while to reflect on the experience before emailing you

I hadn’t realised just how tightly wound my mind had become, and it is only now that I can appreciate walking through the gate at Sungai Gold was the perfect tonic. After much reflection, I think I can sum up my week by telling you it was – the. best. holiday. ever.  

Friends have asked me “how was Bali?” and each time I have smiled warmly and replied that the week felt like a carefree childhood holiday – I lived in my bathers, wore no shoes, slept well, read a book, gazed into the distance, swam, and didn’t have to think.

Of course the team were wonderful and ensured all our needs were met…even when we didn’t realise it.  I commend each and every one of them.

I have returned to my regular life relaxed and smiling…and holding a little bit of that Sungai Gold magic close to my heart.  Thank you.

We are already talking about a return visit…but this time for MUCH longer than 6 nights.

Best regards,  S&K

Guests Give Villa Sungai the Thumbs Up.

Guests Give Villa Sungai the Thumbs Up.

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Our guests love to write in and tell us about their stay at Villa Sungai. We love to hear that our special guests have enjoyed the experience so much!

Dear Pamela

Firstly we had a fantastic time so thank you! Also the lovely gift is now proudly at our front door and a reminder each day of our relaxing and peaceful ‘other home’. I have completed the Luxury Traveller voting and also a trip advisor review (see below) which you might like to see a copy of. The combination of the beautiful villa is perfectly matched with the beautiful people who look after all the guests. You must consider it a blessing to be able to trust Made and the team to deliver your desire for a luxurious relaxing holiday of choice. Even the most luxurious place could be let down by the staff who do not make the experience special. You have a wonderful combination, thank you for our fantastic experience. We have already told many people of our fantastic stay and I certainly hope that some book their holiday at Villa Sungai or Sungai Gold so that you remain as successful as you are. Thanks again, Warm regards

Deborah and Martin Baker

Sunshine Coast


[27 January-4 February 2013]

“You will be relaxed as soon as you arrive in this paradise.”

It’s hard to write a review that doesn’t repeat what everyone else writes about this beautiful place – but it’s all true and more. From the perfectly organised airport butler and driver to the special welcome at the villa, the smiling faces and willing team members (not going to use the word staff as these people are above and beyond that word) every day is special and the service keeps coming up 10 out of 10 always. Nothing is too much trouble and any request is met with a smiling face, something that other places could learn from. The villa – Sungai Gold is a beautiful haven with so much space that you don’t feel like you are cramped at all but in someone’s special holiday home – ours for the week this time, but will I am sure become a familiar place to us. The manager Made has the whole place running like a well-oiled machine. The Team, most have been there with Made from the beginning 12 years ago – wow! The girls are all beautiful and if we went out for the day our return to the villa, all lit up and smelling of the beautiful signature scent, would be so welcoming when we got back we would just go ‘ahh we are home”! Only home doesn’t have your room all perfectly prepared, your washing from the day all done and back hanging, the evening canapes ready with a drink whenever you are and Wayan waiting for you to let him know the time you would like dinner served! (could I really be royalty after all?) Pamela, the owner has a wonderful relationship with the team and a great sense of providing the very best of anything you may want to make your stay special. The days we were driven about by Made, Bumi or Wayan were always very comfortable and accommodating in every way. Cool drinks and cool towels on board were always so very thoughtful. If you want to feel relaxed, luxuriate with style and made feel very special then this is for you. Thanks to Pamela, Made and the Team.

Villa Sungai Recipe Book

Villa Sungai Recipe Book



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